About Us

The First Responder Chaplain Academy is a partnership between a number of chaplaincies with the core goal of creating well-trained and competent chaplains.

Our Story

The First Responder Chaplain Academy was founded as a partnership between several chaplaincy organizations that collectively recognized training matters.

Too often, chaplains are appointed and thrown into the deep end of this mission-critical ministry without the tools and training to be successful and make a positive impact in the lives of those they serve.

The First Responder Chaplain Academy has been designed to help each graduate be fully prepared to serve their communities and the first responders in their communities with confidence and competence. 

Learn By Doing

We believe chaplains learn by doing. The academy is built with a number of hands-on exercises and tours that help you develop real-world experience and knowledge.

Know Your Culture

We believe that the chaplain must be well versed in the culture of the organizations they serve. We work to help our students get a firm understanding of the unique nuances of the first responder culture.

Know the Needs

We believe that chaplains should be aware of the types of needs their organization may have. We help our students understand the challenges and needs first responders have and prepare them to support those needs.

supporting Agencies

The First Responder Chaplain Academy (FRCA) is operated with the dedicated support of experienced chaplains and their corresponding agencies.

These agencies have experienced the value of highly trained and professional chaplains that- once assimilated into their agencies-have become vital to the health of the professionals that serve there. They are dedicated to training chaplains to go out into other agencies to bring that same value to their communities.

Spokane County Sheriff Chaplains

Spokane County Sheriff Chaplains

Washington State Patrol Chaplains

Washington State Patrol Chaplain Program

Inland Northwest Fire Chaplains

Inland Northwest Fire Chaplains

Fire District 4 Chaplains

Fire District 4 Fire & Rescue Chaplains

Conner County Chaplains

Bonner County Chaplains