Our team is comprised of highly experienced and qualified chaplains serving law enforcement, military, first responders, as well as reaching out to the community.

Exceptional First Responder Focused Chaplain Training

Learn everything you need to love, serve, and minister to your community and its first responders.

The world of first responders is a rapidly changing environment. Police are under increasing risk of death and injury. Stressors for first responders are at an all time high. At the same time chaplains are being challenged with providing care and support in these increasingly difficult environments. Nationally, chaplains are a fairly disparate group. National coordinating and certifying organizations such as ICPC and FFC are working to connect chaplains. However, it is difficult as classes are held in varying locations sometimes requiring travel multiple times to get all the needed training. This can be a significant cost for often retired chaplains.

First Responder Chaplain Academy (FRCA) offers both new and current chaplains the unique opportunity to gain a wide range of training in both police and fire chaplaincy in a week-long academy. 

The Academy faculty includes very seasoned and mature chaplains and other agency experts that provide highly valuable transfer of knowledge and experiential lessons. The training is comprehensive, high quality and includes lecture, practical and field components. As chaplains are called on to provide more care and support in more difficult situations, training in both fields is highly valuable to agencies across the country as well as to major disaster Incident Command Teams.

FRCA is committed to providing the highest quality, professional training for first responder chaplains anywhere.

Goals of the First Responder Chaplain Training Program

Top Quality Faculty

Top Quality Faculty

FRCA faculty are seasoned chaplains and first responder professionals with decades of experience in fire, police, corrections, medical, military and leadership and teaching positions.

Hands On Learning

Hands on Learning

During training chaplains will participate in lectures, discussions, role playing, demonstrations as well as field work in relevant facilities where actual seeing and touching will help chaplains assimilate critical information more effectively.

Excellent Food & Fellowship

Excellent Food & Fellowship

FRCA provides excellent meals for lunch and dinner every day along with a light continental breakfast as well as snacks and beverages. During this time chaplains can meet, visit and build relationship with other chaplains.

Date & Location

Less than 25 seats still available. Apply now to save your seat.

The next academy is coming up: July 29 – Aug 2, 2024.

Valleyford Community Church
13015 South Madison Rd.
Valleyford, WA 99036


All Inclusive.

$ 549
  • 18 Core Courses
  • 4 Advanced Courses
  • 4 Field Work Opportunities
  • Lunch & Dinner

Limited Scholarships Available

We have a very limited number of scholarships that are designed to support chaplains in disadvantaged communities, new chaplains, and chaplains starting new chaplaincies.

Contact us for more details.

Application Requirements

At the FRCA, we’re looking for chaplains called by God to the ministry of chaplaincy.

The most important requirement of a well-trained chaplain is a call from God. This is not an easy ministry. This ministry is not for everyone. It is not even for all pastors. It is for those called by God.

To attend the First Responder Chaplain Academy, we have some core requirements for acceptance that will help prepare you for your experience at the academy and help confirm your calling. We ask that all of those attending work through these requirements in advance of attending. 

Requirements for acceptance

To help you properly prepare for the academy we have a few critical prerequisites that are required for your application to be accepted. You may begin the application process prior to completing these to reserve your seat but these must be completed within two weeks of the academy to be able to attend.

* This requirement can be waived if you’re not currently serving an agency.

Oxford Suites Spokane Valley

Hotel Recommendation

The FRCA has negotiated a special hotel rate at Oxford Suites in the Spokane Valley. The rate is $95. To register, call them and mention that you are attending the FRCA and the pertinent information to get that rate. You cannot get this rate by making your reservation online. There will likely be several if not more candidates staying there which can facilitate networking and rides.

15015 E Indiana Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Phone: 509-847-1000


What Our Graduates Say

Tracy Richards
I really appreciate the broad curriculum of the First Responder's Chaplain Academy. In my role, I serve all first responders in the county and understanding the nuances of different departments has been crucial.
Chaplain Tracy Richards
Stevens County
Chaplain Ryan Stemkoski
The academy has been pivotal in my development as a chaplain. I was able to gain the critical tools necessary to be able to serve well in this role. I also built powerful relationships I have leveraged many times in my work as a chaplain.
Chaplain Ryan Stemkoski
Spokane County Sheriff's Office
Chaplain Garry Losey
I retired as an army chaplain before making the transition into the first responder chaplaincy. I had a lot of experience as a chaplain and pastor but the FRCA gave me the tools I needed to care for first responders.
Chaplain Garry Losey
Spokane County Sheriff's Office

Reserve Your Seat

The next First Responder Chaplain Academy class is taking place July 29 – Aug 2, 2024. Click the link below to get all of the details and reserve your seat!