First Responder Chaplain Academy

Training Matters.

A fundamental reality in the world of chaplaincy is that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” Chaplains play a crucial role in the first responder ecosystem, offering unique, vital emotional and spiritual support in unimaginable times. In these critical moments, training truly matters, and untrained chaplains can do more harm than good. When you complete the academy, you will be one of the best-trained first responder chaplains anywhere.

The Academy experience.

The mission of the First Responder Chaplain Academy is to equip chaplains with the most comprehensive, relevant and practical skills from highly experienced and seasoned faculty so they can return to their agencies and provide the most effective care and support possible.

The academy has been crafted to cultivate a fun, comfortable, close-knit, and highly interactive environment that prepares chaplains for the challenges they will face as they embark on this wonderful ministry and gives them the tools and resources they will need to be successful and beneficial in the chaplain role.

Expert Level Chaplain Training
Expert-Level First Responder Chaplain Training

Our teaching team is comprised of highly experienced and decorated chaplains with deep and relevant hands-on experience. They will help prepare you for the true realities of chaplaincy.

Great Food & Fellowship
Great Food & Fellowship

Enjoy excellent home-cooked meals, snacks, and desserts each day to help fuel your training. You won’t just be well-trained, you will be well-fed.

Build a Network of First Responder Chaplains
Network & Build a Support Team

We emphasize networking and building lasting relationships with other chaplains you can consult with and get advice from, long after graduation. 

The Curriculum

Learn & Grow

Our curriculum covers the key elements of any first responder chaplaincy. Whether you’re serving as a chaplain with police, fire, EMS, dispatch, jail, or in another context, you will be well trained and well prepared.

Introduction to First Responder Chaplaincy

Understand the many roles and expectations of chaplains.

Law Enforcement Family

Understand the nuanced culture of law enforcement personel.

Handling Line of Duty Deaths

Learn and understand the chaplain’s role in a line of duty death.

The Dos' & Don'ts of Death Notifications

Learn the proper procedures for next of kin notification.

Foundations of Fire Chaplaincy

Learn the ins and outs of the fire chaplain role.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Learn about suicide and steps to help prevent it in your department.

Managing Stress & Burnout

Learn how to build a healthy support system.

Confidentiality, Diversity & Ethics

Gain a clear understanding of the legalities and ethics of chaplaincy.


Signature Menu

One of the many things that sets the First Responder Chaplain Academy apart is the food and hospitality. Our team of volunteers will keep you happy, fed, and ready to learn.

Go Beyond the Classroom

Hands-On Learning

Our training goes beyond the classroom with real-world, hands-on experiences.  During the academy, you go on multiple field trips, including a fire training experience, a funeral home experience, and a tour of the Washington State Crime Lab. 

Through these experiences, you will learn how to navigate scenes police and fire scenes. You will learn about evidence collection and processing. You will also learn a great deal about the funeral, creamation, and burial process. 

Chaplain Robert
Fire Rescue Training
Crime Scene & Forensic Training

What Our Graduates Say

Tracy Richards
I really appreciate the broad curriculum of the First Responder's Chaplain Academy. In my role, I serve all first responders in the county and understanding the nuances of different departments has been crucial.
Chaplain Tracy Richards
Stevens County
Chaplain Ryan Stemkoski
The academy has been pivotal in my development as a chaplain. I was able to gain the critical tools necessary to be able to serve well in this role. I also built powerful relationships I have leveraged many times in my work as a chaplain.
Chaplain Ryan Stemkoski
Spokane County Sheriff's Office
Chaplain Garry Losey
I retired as an army chaplain before making the transition into the first responder chaplaincy. I had a lot of experience as a chaplain and pastor but the FRCA gave me the tools I needed to care for first responders.
Chaplain Garry Losey
Spokane County Sheriff's Office

Reserve Your Seat

The next First Responder Chaplain Academy class is taking place July 29 – Aug 2, 2024. Click the link below to get all of the details and reserve your seat!